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Welcome to Clear Path Wellness!


We look forward to meeting you as you explore the benefits of Massage/ Bodywork/ Energy Work


Quality Time, Quality Care, Quality of Life  


We focus on your experience because Clear Path Wellness is a place where people come first. 


" We are a mission-focused collection of the most talented and caring Massage Therapists and Healing Arts Professionals in St. Louis, Missouri." We Focus on each Person's entire wellbeing with genuine care and concern. 


. The Downtown Kirkwood Business District 

117 North Kirkwood Rd Suite 106

 St.Louis, MO 63122


Monday-Saturday 10:00am -9pm

Sunday 10am -9pm

Our Desire is for you to do more of what matters to you with less of what holds you back. From pain management and stress reduction to sports therapy and inner peace, the therapeutic and rejuvenating benefits of Massage Therapy can get you back to doing what you love most. With less pain, you are free to fully participate in the lifestyle you so choose, with less stress or anxiety comes improved sleep, mood, relationships, and job performance. Massage Therapy as a self care tool supports the goal of being your best self. 





















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